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Tokens of taste

So you have an appetite for Nadia but are unable to taste me in the flesh.  A shame, but this is the next best way to relish me, to still get your teeth into me. Here you'll find perfectly used, preloved intimates that have served their purpose to me, and are available to you to do... whatever the fuck it is you do with a hot woman's panties while you're alone.

Help me make room for more sexy panties, lingerie and stockings that you can watch me take off for you in person when you book a date with me.

Send an email to the numbers of which items you desire to possess, I'll confirm with you the total price. Please include your delivery address in the email letting me know payment has been sent. Once I've received it I will wear your item for 24h before I package it then mail it out to you. I will then email you your tracking #, and you can excitedly anticipate my intimates. They will me mailed out within 7 days of payment being received.

I accept E-transfers (preferred) or a giftcard of my choosing to receive payment.

Shipping within Canada is $20 and includes tracking. Envelope will be discreet.

Do not use this email for booking my time, this is to purchase my items only and emails that are unrelated or not straightforward will be ignored. Do not ask me if I sell X or Y, if I have it to sell it it will be visible here. I am not responsible if your package somehow gets lost even with tracking. No refunds.

If you want a pair and plan to visit me, you can take your pair off me yourself and spare yourself the shipping fee.


Photo wearing the item: $10/photo

Wear your pair to the gym: $25

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